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   We care for Paignton's past, present, and future. 

Our aims are :

To preserve and open to the public all the heritage buildings in Paignton.

To encourage tourist and trade initiatives that will benefit Paignton.

To support local concern over critical planning applications.

To monitor the policies and plans of government, council, and developers.

Latest - The Paignton Neighbourhood Plan is approaching the end stages.  The final stage is a Referendum in which all residents eligible to vote in local elections can vote on the Plan.  If more than 50% of those voting  vote in favour of the Plan, then it becomes the official Plan for Paignton.

The Plan - which is strictly non-political and has no connection with Torbay Council - has been created by Paignton residents - private individuals, businesses. local groups and many others -  all working together to set out a viable future for Paignton. Please visit the website and click on The Submitted Plan to see the version on which the final consultation is based. .  

Memorials wanted - see below


Current programme of events - 

 March 2018 - May 17 2018

The following events will be at the Gerston Christian Centre, Gerston Place, Paignton (almost opposite the Post Office), starting at 7.30 pm.  Members £3  non-members £4.        Refreshments included. Enquiries:  David Watts 01803 523434  [email protected]


Thursday April 19  7.30 pm   Paul Hawthorne updates us about Oldway or,  if there is no Oldway news, pictures on the history of Marldon

Thursday  May 17   7.30 pm  Ian Handford tells us about George Soudon Bridgman, an important Paignton architect.





Newsletter  -  March 2018

Our Victorian Shelters on Paignton Seafront are under threat !!

A planning application has been submitted to Torbay Council to demolish one of the public shelters at the northern end of Paignton Green closest to the Redcliffe Hotel and replace it with a snack bar kiosk.   Details of the application (number P/2017/1219) can be seen on the Council's planning application website at:


Penwill's Paignton In Six Reigns confirms the first of the shelters was erected in the summer of 1892 for the sum of £99-10s-0d, two more were added the following year and the final pair for £175 in 1894.  Along with many others, the Society has submitted an objection to the proposal and has asked Historic England to add all 5 Victorian shelters to the List of Building of Architectural or Historic Importance. We await the outcome.


North Shelter under threat of demolition

How are we doing?   A big thank you to everyone who attended the Society's special meeting held on 1st February 2018 in the Paignton Methodist Church Hall to discuss the results of the 2017 Membership Survey and new ideas for the coming year.  All agreed that we take these forward through the three key events we have now booked for 2018. 

Progress on Oldway ?  The consultants producing the report for the Council are very interested in the amount of information we hold about Oldway and how we could help make re-opening of this incredibly important heritage asset a great success.  We look forward to their report and its recommendations very soon. 


Access to the Tony Moss Collection

Don't forget, in addition to 32 volumes of photographs, the rest of the collection has now been brought together  and is easily able to provide another 32 volumes of local heritage information.   A number of  Society members have expressed interest in helping to research information on an 'as and when' basis to help convert the information we hold into organised presentations or talks to the growing number of interested groups in our community.  Anyone who would like to help with this is invited to speak with the Chairman (David Watts) via any of the contact details shown below.

Why not join our small Committee ? 

We are very interested in new ideas and ways that we can take our Society forward.  If you have a couple of hours to spare each month, why not join us?  Don't hide your light under a bushel! Contact the Chairman to discuss any ideas you have or help you can give.


Some admin stuff.


Newsletters are issued quarterly.  If you are on the internet, please let us know your email address so that we can save on postage, and also save the shoe leather of the volunteers who distribute other newsletters by hand.

Membership is £10 per person per annum, renewable on the anniversary of joining. The Membership Secretary is Mrs Anne Pentney, Flat 19, The Coach House, Steartfield Road, Paignton TQ3 6BG,    tel:01803  664650  [email protected]

Membership subscriptions can be paid by standing order - please contact Eileen Donovan for details - tel: 01803 555214, or email [email protected]


Society Special Events  in 2018

Saturday 2 June 2018

We will be holding our second Paignton Heritage Day in the Paignton Methodist Church Hall in Palace Avenue. (Entrance in Tower Road). Building on last year's major success we hope to attract even more of our community to view the considerable amount of heritage information we hold.  Yes ! we have quite deliberately made it the same day again as the Airshow, as it worked very well indeed.  In fact, it worked so well that people were arriving before the exhibition was officially open!  Learning from that, we are opening from 10 am to 4 pm this time.  And the 32 binders of local photographs will be on show again.


2017 Paignton Heritage Day - a major success.

Saturday 28 July 2018

Don't forget to pop in to see our display at Paignton Harbour Day.  This has become a further opportunity for everyone to have a fun time at the Harbour and see items of heritage interest  that we hold.  Our display will, of course, include a selection of the Tony Moss collection photograph binders.


Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2018

Join us for a summertime version of the 'Cluedo' style Medieval Murder Mystery at Kirkham House in Kirkham Street, Paignton.  Following the success at the event first held in December 2017, the clues will change but the objective will be the same -  have lots of fun attempting to solve the crime in the shortest possible time.  

And if the weather outside is not too wet -  garden tea and cake will be served. Otherwise, indoor tea and cake will be served.

 Don't miss it !!!

Memorials wanted!

  • Historic England launches Immortalised – a new season to help England explore who and how it remembers, as the nation’s statues and monuments come under increasing scrutiny
  • Heroic, quirky, sad, inspirational and challenging – public asked to share their knowledge of local monuments, street shrines, and community tributes in  public places
  • New research shows 1 in 7 (14%) women and 1 in 10 (10%) men have created a memorial of their own
  • Research uncovers generational differences in attitudes to England’s public monuments and statues – younger people less likely to think they represent ‘those who have made a significant contribution to our history’

Murals and shrines, statues, inscriptions on benches and trees, Historic England is asking the public to share their knowledge of England’s secret, unknown and forgotten memorials.

We want photographs and information about lesser-known memorials, and those that are well-loved by small groups or communities but unknown nationally. We are also looking for rituals and activities attached to memorials.

The public’s stories and pictures will be recorded to form part of an exhibition in the Autumn. The best examples of community memorials may be listed as part of our efforts to protect and champion what’s special in the historic environment.

If you know of any such memorials or rituals, please send details to David Watts.

                                                                    David Watts, Chairman,

Weston Villa, 34 Totnes Road, Paignton TQ4 5JZ

01803 523434          [email protected]

Paignton Green Covenant


Torbay Council covenants with all inhabitants of the wards of Blatchcombe, Clifton with Maidenway, Goodrington with Roselands, Preston and Roundham with Hyde (the Paignton Wards) that for a period of 100 years beginning on the date of this deed it will not on the land shown edged red on the plan attached erect or permit the erection of any permanent structure without any such proposal first obtaining the majority of votes in a referendum of the persons who at the day of the referendum would be entitled to vote as electors at an election of councillors for any of the Paignton Wards and are registered as local government electors at an address within the Paignton Wards.  For the purposes of this covenant 'permanent structure' shall mean any structure intended to remain on the land for a period greater than 6 months in any period of 12 consecutive months.  This covenant shall not apply to the installation, construction or renewal (whether by statutory undertakers or otherwise) of any media for the supply or removal, electricity, gas, water, sewage, energy, telecommunications, data and all other services and utilities and all structures, machinery and equipment ancillary to those media.


It needs to be noted the land edged red did not include the playpark but does include the rest of central and north greens