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   We care for Paignton's past, present, and future. 

Our aims are :

To preserve and open to the public all the heritage buildings in Paignton.

To encourage tourist and trade initiatives that will benefit Paignton.

To support local concern over critical planning applications.

To monitor the policies and plans of government, council, and developers.


Latest: Paignton Neighbourhood Plan takes effect. See newsletter below.


Current programme of events - 

May 2019 - August 2019


Kirkham House Bank Holiday opening, Monday 27th May 2019: 2pm-5pm.  Come and see the display boards of new information recently discovered.


Paignton Heritage Day: Saturday 8th June 2019: Paignton Methodist Church Hall (Tower Road entrance) Doors open 10am to 4pm.


Our Paignton Harbour Day heritage display: Saturday 27th July 2019: 10am to 10pm at the Harbour..


Kirkham Medieval Fete at Kirkham House: Bank Holiday Monday August 26th 2019 


The following events will be at the Gerston Christian Centre, Gerston Place, Paignton (almost opposite the Post Office). Entrance  Members £3  non-members £4.        Refreshments included.


Thursday June 20th 2019 7.30pm – John Risdon – a talk on "Totnes"


Thursday July 25th 2019 7.30pm - David Gore – a talk on "The Vikings in Devon"


Thursday August 22nd 2019 7.30pm – Kevin Dixon – a talk on “Unrest and Chartism"

                         Newsletter - June 2019

Latest on Oldway


The Council decision to postpone our Society led Open Days on 6th and 7th April 2019 became unavoidable when the Council found it could not complete necessary public safety works in time.


Many of the 104 volunteers who stepped forward to help with the event have pledged their continuing offer to assist as soon as a new date is known but a much bigger problem requires urgent clarification.


There is deep concern that the delay has made it much more difficult to get new funding in place to ensure essential repairs are carried out on the listed building and gardens.


A formal question will be put in public by our Society Chairman to the first business meeting of the new Council due to take place at 5.30pm on Wednesday 19th June 2019 in the Rosetor Room of the Rivera International Conference Centre, Chestnut Avenue, Torquay, TQ2 5LZ.  If you are able to attend to give your support to the Chairman, please arrive shortly before the meeting starts. 


Kirkham House Success


Easter saw a very good start to our 2019 series of open days and the new display of information on the exhibition boards has attracted additional interest from visitors.


A group of 23 visitors from Totnes Museum enjoyed the experience on a warm evening of touring the House, Tower and Clink with an invite at the end for Society members to have a reciprocal visit to their Museum in Totnes on a date to be arranged.  If you would like to be included in the tour of Totnes Museum, please telephone Karen on 01803 550609 or the Chairman David Watts on 01803 523434.


A huge Yes to the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan


The Referendum vote on 2nd May 2019 saw well over 10,000 local residents vote Yes to the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan being adopted to become part of the statutory development plan that will help protect Paignton's heritage assets and Local Green Spaces and much more.


It is the first time in British history that a community has been able to produce a statutory plan itself.  With such a high level of support it has put in place a clear message of what our community wants to see achieved.  Further information can be found online at:


Lighthouse Drop-in


On 1st May 2019 several members of our Society attended the pre-application display in the Paignton Club of proposals for the former Lighthouse building on Esplanade Road that was once used as Dellers' summer café.   The building has been closed for many years and is situated to the north of Park Hotel currently being demolished to make way for a new hotel.


The plans on display show a further hotel proposed with a frontage design very similar to the design proposed to replace the Park Hotel.  Concern was raised that such a similarity was out of step with the variety of designs along the street scene and concern was expressed about the reliance on off site car parking in the Victoria Square multi-story car park.


It remains to be seen if these concerns change the content of the planning application when it is finally submitted.  Details of the draft proposal are available to view online at:

Have you visited our new website ?


You may have noticed we are experimenting with a new website which has a greater capacity to provide a wider provision of information in a more accessible format.  Please visit the new site at and pass on any suggestions you may wish to make to [email protected].


Palmafolia race well underway !!!!


Latest reports are a few cabbage plants have died but others have taken off and are already a foot high (30cm).  So the race is definitely on amongst Society members.  Watch this space as the race develops and the winner of our competition is found towards the end of August by which time the winning entry could be 10 feet high !!!!.


A new link with the Palace Theatre


Following very positive discussions a series of coffee morning events is being planned at the Palace Theatre primarily for  members of both our Society and Friends of the Palace Theatre.  These will be in addition to our normal monthly evening Society meetings.  A schedule of dates and speakers is being compiled to start in October 2019 for an experimental period of 6 months.  Further details will be given in our next Newsletter.


Visit our Heritage Day on 8th June 2019


Following the great success of the last two years, our 3rd year Paignton Heritage Day will take place from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 8th June 2019 in the Paignton Methodist Church Hall in Palace Avenue.  Entry will be from Tower Road and will again be free to everyone.


Make a note in your diary to visit and see the latest additions to our well loved collection.


Join our 'Stroll and a Pint ' event


At 7pm on Thursday 27th June 2019 a short walk has been organised that will start and end at the Old Manor Inn, Old Torquay Road, Preston to take in local buildings and spaces of historic interest.  If you would enjoy a leisurely stroll of about an hour and widen your knowledge of the historic part of the Preston area, please join us in the car park of the Old Manor Inn as the start point of the walk.



                                                                             David Watts, Chairman,

Weston Villa, 34 Totnes Road, Paignton TQ4 5JZ

01803 523434          [email protected]

Paignton Green Covenant


Torbay Council covenants with all inhabitants of the wards of Blatchcombe, Clifton with Maidenway, Goodrington with Roselands, Preston and Roundham with Hyde (the Paignton Wards) that for a period of 100 years beginning on the date of this deed it will not on the land shown edged red on the plan attached erect or permit the erection of any permanent structure without any such proposal first obtaining the majority of votes in a referendum of the persons who at the day of the referendum would be entitled to vote as electors at an election of councillors for any of the Paignton Wards and are registered as local government electors at an address within the Paignton Wards.  For the purposes of this covenant 'permanent structure' shall mean any structure intended to remain on the land for a period greater than 6 months in any period of 12 consecutive months.  This covenant shall not apply to the installation, construction or renewal (whether by statutory undertakers or otherwise) of any media for the supply or removal, electricity, gas, water, sewage, energy, telecommunications, data and all other services and utilities and all structures, machinery and equipment ancillary to those media.


It needs to be noted the land edged red did not include the playpark but does include the rest of central and north greens