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   We care for Paignton's past, present, and future. 

Our aims are :

To preserve and open to the public all the heritage buildings in Paignton.

To encourage tourist and trade initiatives that will benefit Paignton.

To support local concern over critical planning applications.

To monitor the policies and plans of government, council, and developers.

Latest news:

 The Society is opening Oldway to the public on Saturday and Sunday April 06 and 07.  Anyone who can help on these two days, or help set up on Friday April 05,  please contact David Watts 01803 523434   [email protected]

The Friends of Totnes Museum have invited members of PHS to a talk by Prof. Stephen Rippon on The Ipplepen Dig .  At the Ballroom, Royal Seven Stars, Totnes     Thursday 14th March, 2019, 7.30pm.

 Members of the Friends of Totnes Museum £3   Non-Members £5 .

We had a talk by Derek Gore on the subject in November, but if any of you missed that you may want to take up this invitation to hear more about a fascinating dig on our doorstep.

Current programme of events - 

March 2019 - May  2019

Dates for your diary

Oldway Open Days currently planned for: Saturday 6th April and Sunday 7th April 2019. Doors open 10am to 5pm with last entry 4:30pm each day


Kirkham House Easter opening. Friday 19th April and Monday 22nd April 2019. Open 2pm-5pm.  Come and see on the display boards the new information recently discovered.


The following events will be at the Gerston Christian Centre, Gerston Place, Paignton (almost opposite the Post Office). Entrance  Members £3  non-members £4.        Refreshments included.


Thursday March 21st 2019 7.30pm - Rachel Trethewey will provide more insight to "Edward VIII, loves before Wallis"


Thursday April 25th 2019 7.30pm - David Scott will gives us a talk on "The joys and sorrows of public speaking"


Thursday May 23rd 2019 7.30pm - David Wichell will take us through the interesting subject of "Bells"


                         Newsletter - March 2019

Don' t miss our Oldway Open Days !!

All being well, the Open Days our Society is leading at Oldway will be held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019 from 10am to 5pm with last entry at 4:30pm each day.  Make a note in your diary - but please do not arrive by car and expect to park on site, as parking space will be very limited.

A large number of volunteers have stepped forward to assist with the event and will be available to help visitors around the building throughout both days. Our plan is to open up for viewing all the main entrance area, impressive stair case, Ballroom and other principal rooms.  In all, about half of the ground floor and first floor will be open to view and guided tours will be provided by a trained team of volunteers. 

In addition we will have on display our very popular albums of heritage photographs in the Ballroom, and a projection room operating on the ground floor.

To make all this  possible, many of the volunteers will be on site during the preceding days to tidy the toilets, sweep the floor, etc  before the event starts - no easy task for a building with so many rooms !!!  Our thanks to the Council for allowing us to hold this very important event and for their preparation work currently in hand to deal with a few problems before it can take place.  Our thanks also go to the many  Friends of Oldway who have come forward to help with the event.

The event has already attracted national attention.  We are likely to have a large number wishing to see inside the building after so many years of being closed.  Entry to the building will be via the main door on the ground floor next to the car park.  After going up the stairs to view the first floor rooms, exit will be via the Ballroom doors to give as many visitors as possible the chance to see inside the building in an orderly flow.

For wheel chair users or visitors with mobility scooters, please note there will be no lift operating between the ground and first floor.  Special arrangements will be in place to help access the first floor via a separate door from the outside.  The Rotunda on the opposite side will be out of bounds on this occasion but the gardens will continue to be open for the enjoyment of everyone as usual.

There will be no charge made for being able to enter the building but it is hoped everyone visiting will appreciate the effort being put into the occasion and will be prepared to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of putting on the event.  Any surplus funds collected will go towards future renovation works. So please contribute all you can.

We have lift off !!!!


Our thanks to Karen and Christine for planting the Palmafolio seeds so that each Society member who will be taking part in the competition has a fair chance with a pot of three seedlings that have shown their heads above the soil.  With only another 10 feet to go !!!!   

We will be contacting each competitor very soon to make arrangements for collection or delivery of the seedlings.  From there on its up to each competitor to decide how they will encourage the cabbage to grow.  Will it be evening talks to it ??  soothing music ??  or a massive dose of manure ??  It's going to be interesting to see who grows the tallest entry - with perhaps a photo for Kew Gardens or the Royal Horticultural Society.  Who knows, the Paignton Cabbage may once again be a popular export.


A big Thank You to Mayor Oliver


We have just been made aware that the Society has been successful in its bid for £500 from the Mayor's Fund to expand our number of popular Heritage Albums.  This is great news and will enable many more pages to be added to the set for our current and future generations to enjoy.  We already have a considerable range of images to include, but if there are any you have that you would like to considered for inclusion in further Albums, please contact Chairman David Watts on 01803 523434.


Kirkham House Easter opening


When Kirkham House reopens for Easter this year on 19 April and 22nd April 2019, our display boards will be showing some of the new information about this very interesting asset that Paignton has. Do take the opportunity to make a worthwhile visit.

                                                                             David Watts, Chairman,

Weston Villa, 34 Totnes Road, Paignton TQ4 5JZ

01803 523434          [email protected]

Paignton Green Covenant


Torbay Council covenants with all inhabitants of the wards of Blatchcombe, Clifton with Maidenway, Goodrington with Roselands, Preston and Roundham with Hyde (the Paignton Wards) that for a period of 100 years beginning on the date of this deed it will not on the land shown edged red on the plan attached erect or permit the erection of any permanent structure without any such proposal first obtaining the majority of votes in a referendum of the persons who at the day of the referendum would be entitled to vote as electors at an election of councillors for any of the Paignton Wards and are registered as local government electors at an address within the Paignton Wards.  For the purposes of this covenant 'permanent structure' shall mean any structure intended to remain on the land for a period greater than 6 months in any period of 12 consecutive months.  This covenant shall not apply to the installation, construction or renewal (whether by statutory undertakers or otherwise) of any media for the supply or removal, electricity, gas, water, sewage, energy, telecommunications, data and all other services and utilities and all structures, machinery and equipment ancillary to those media.


It needs to be noted the land edged red did not include the playpark but does include the rest of central and north greens