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   We care for Paignton's past, present, and future. 

Our aims are :

To preserve and open to the public all the heritage buildings in Paignton.

To encourage tourist and trade initiatives that will benefit Paignton.

To support local concern over critical planning applications.

To monitor the policies and plans of government, council, and developers.

Latest - Change of lecture date.  The January 24 lecture has been moved to Friday January 25.  Same place, same time.

Current programme of events - 

 December 2018 - February  2019

Dates for your diary

The following events will be at the Gerston Christian Centre, Gerston Place, Paignton (almost opposite the Post Office). Entrance  Members £3  non-members £4.        Refreshments included.


FRIDAY  January 25 2019 7.30 pm   Note that this is one day later than originally scheduled. The real story of Kirkham House? A presentation by our Chairman David Watts using newly found information. 

Thursday February 21st 2019 7.30pm 

Rachel Trethewey    'The Pearl of Torquay' (TBC)





                         Newsletter - January 2019

Change of next meeting date


We have been informed that the Consultants from Birmingham advising on the future of Oldway will be making a presentation to the Friends of Oldway AGM on the same night as our next meeting.

Several Society Members have expressed the wish to be able to attend both meetings. As it has not been possible to change the date when the Consultants are available, the sensible answer is for our next meeting to be on the following evening.

The dates now are:


  • 7pm. Thursday 24th January 2019 - Friends of Oldway AGM, Paignton Library


  • 7:30pm Friday 25th January 2019 -  our next Society meeting at Gerston Chapel Hall


    Hot News


    Following discussion with Torbay Council, our proposal to hold a Heritage Event / Open Day type event at Oldway on the weekend of 6th and 7th April 2019 has been warmly received.  We are currently working on the detail for discussion at our next meeting on Friday 25th January.  Hence why Society Members have expressed the wish above to be at both meetings.


    Christmas at Kirkham - another success


    Wow !!!  Thank you to everyone who attended the three day event and a special thank you to all the helpers who dedicated time to make the event such a success.



    Some of the folk who made it possible


    And our congratulations to Mrs C  Leach and Pam Milne who were the Competition winners for the best Christmas Table Centre display.



    Special thanks also to Kevin Foster MP for donating the House of Commons Speaker bear and to Councillor Barbara Lewis for helping with the Judging.


    Are you ready for the Paignton Flatpole Cabbage growing competition ?

    If you have green fingers or not, why not have a go at our forthcoming competition to grow the tallest cabbage know these days as the Walking Stick cabbage  or Palmifolia to give its posh name.  Seeds have been obtained and will be started off in pots for distribution at the end of February 2019.


    How tall will yours be ?


    To obtain your starter cabbage, give your name and address to our Chairman David Watts as soon as possible on 01803 523434..  The growing season is from Spring until August when the person who achieves the tallest cabbage will win.  The usual height achieved is understood to be in the region of 4 to 10 feet .  So if you live in a flat, you will need a big window box.  It will be up to each competitor to decide how they can encourage their entry to grow !!!!


    Do you pay your Society membership subscription by Direct debit ?

    Every penny counts and to keep costs down it really does matter how you pay your annual subscription.  Sending out reminders is expensive to the Society in paper and postage. So it is helpful if as many Society members as possible can set up a standing order  to renew your annual subscription each year.  It is very simple to do.  All you need to do is inform your bank or building society to pay the renewal each year until you give them further notice.  A standing order form can be obtained very easily from our Treasurer Eileen Donovan on 01803 555214 [email protected]   

    Call for helpers for the Oldway Event and Kirkham House

    For the Oldway weekend on 6th and 7th April 2019, we will need as many volunteers as possible to help set-up, marshal, and guide visitors. 

    No matter how limited the help you may be able to give, it will be very much appreciated.

    With our growing success at Kirkham events and further plans, we need to train-up more volunteer helpers for this coming summer programme.


    Please contact the Chairman David Watts on 01803 523434 to find out more and how you could help.


    Dates for your diary

    Thursday January 24th 2019 Friends of Oldway AGM at 7pm Paignton Library.  

    The following events will be at the Gerston Christian Centre, Gerston Place, Paignton (almost opposite the Post Office). Entrance  Members £3  non-members £4.        Refreshments included.  

  • Friday January 25th 2019 7.30 pm The real story of Kirkham House ??  a presentation by our Chairman David Watts using newly found information.

  • Thursday February 21st 2019 7.30pm 

    Rachel Trethewey The Pearl of Torquay? (TBC) 

                                                              David Watts, Chairman

Weston Villa, 34 Totnes Road, Paignton TQ4 5JZ

01803 523434          [email protected]

Paignton Green Covenant


Torbay Council covenants with all inhabitants of the wards of Blatchcombe, Clifton with Maidenway, Goodrington with Roselands, Preston and Roundham with Hyde (the Paignton Wards) that for a period of 100 years beginning on the date of this deed it will not on the land shown edged red on the plan attached erect or permit the erection of any permanent structure without any such proposal first obtaining the majority of votes in a referendum of the persons who at the day of the referendum would be entitled to vote as electors at an election of councillors for any of the Paignton Wards and are registered as local government electors at an address within the Paignton Wards.  For the purposes of this covenant 'permanent structure' shall mean any structure intended to remain on the land for a period greater than 6 months in any period of 12 consecutive months.  This covenant shall not apply to the installation, construction or renewal (whether by statutory undertakers or otherwise) of any media for the supply or removal, electricity, gas, water, sewage, energy, telecommunications, data and all other services and utilities and all structures, machinery and equipment ancillary to those media.


It needs to be noted the land edged red did not include the playpark but does include the rest of central and north greens